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Unstructured Data


Data Sets

There's a data storm raging within your organisation...

Take the first step to get ahead.

Derive meaningful and valuable insights from your data and documents.

Make connections between data to derive meaning, context, answers, outcomes.

Accessible to all levels in the business, not just data scientists.

Enabling the availability of data to facilitate the use of algorithms to improve understanding and to make better, faster decisions.

Not gaining full insight due to disparate and unstructured data?

Experiencing fraud, compliance or audit challenges?

Finding current big-data solutions such as consolidations, migrations, or data lakes costly, time consuming and problematic?

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Unstructured Data


Data Sets

Frisk was founded with the belief that every organisation should be capable of harnessing all of its business data to create actionable insights, regardless of its type and location.

In an era where data volumes are exploding and the average business retains around 80% of its data in an ‘unstructured’ format, traditional big-data/data-lake solutions are fast becoming unfeasible, inconvenient, extremely costly and problematic.

At Frisk we believe there is a faster and smarter way to derive value from your data, without the costs, downtime and resources currently required. Our scalable software solution allows for rapid deployment and simple connectivity to all of your data through our unified index and intuitive user interface features. Searching across siloed data sets becomes instantaneous and relationships between data easily identified, enriching the experience and empowering users across an organisation. Static and previously inaccessible data becomes meaningful and valuable insights ensuring information-driven decisions are made within an organisation to elevate their performance across a range of business activities.

In fact, we believe a ‘Frisk first’ approach opens up opportunities to gain crucial insights that reduce risk, improve productivity and increase revenue.

Universal Issues

Every organisation across the globe is suffering from the same problems. Whilst the digitisation of the workplace is a competitive ‘must’, businesses struggle to leverage their data to its fullest potential. At Frisk, we help our clients tackle these common problems through an easily deployable software solution and collaborative partnership approach to doing business.

Data Creation

Organisations data volumes are increasing exponentially but are unable to access all of the critical information required during the decision making processes. We provide simple and rapid access to all of your data, anytime.

Different Data Types

Over 80% of company data is unstructured and not readily searchable, meaning key business decisions are being made with 20% or less of the data! We democratise all data into a singular and readily searchable format and put the power of good data insight in the hands of your users – both power and non-power.

Disparate Data Sources

Data is spread across multiple siloed systems and locations which don’t talk to each other. There is no single source of truth making it difficult to “join the dots” and derive meaningful insights. Our solution reaches and connects everything through one simple, single user interface.

Data Accessibility

Access to data is manual causing all kinds of productivity challenges. In addition, data scientists are normally required to extract sufficient value, coming at great financial and time cost. We solve this by creating a unified index, meaning nothing has to be moved. Disruption to the business is all but eradicated, costs are reduced and productivity skyrockets.

Business Specific Issues

Our adaptable software tackles a number of key pain points businesses experience and tailor our solution to focus on your priorities.

Risk, Fraud, Compliance & Auditing

Rigorous compliance management generally comes at extreme cost and is generally still manual and reactive. Issues can lead to negative publicity, share decline, revenue loss, litigation and more. Frisk delivers a proactive search and audit capability which keeps a constant eye out for potential threats, significantly enhancing internal fraud capabilities.

Use Case

Integration Needs & Big-Data Solutions

The need to integrate data arises for many reasons but current solutions such as data consolidations, migrations or data lakes are costly, disruptive, problematic and ill-equipped to solve the real problem. Instead of demanding the organisation reinvent itself Frisk ‘slots in’ as needed to best deliver value. Insights can be delivered in weeks rather than months or even years.

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Insights for Strategic Decision Making

Access to real insights is restrictive given the lack of connectivity and manual effort required. Often decisions are made with only a fraction of data rather than the whole picture, leading to poor decision-making and costing organisations millions. We connect data seamlessly and as required to enable rapid and bulk query capabilities across all data sets.

Use Case 1 Use Case 2

Business Efficiency/Productivity

Finding the right information is unnecessarily arduous and time consuming. Significant time and resources are wasted resulting in short-cuts being taken and valuable insights being missed. Frisk improves the data discovery capabilities or an organisation by giving them better access to data, more flexibility to ask questions and self-service capabilities.

Use Case

Client Retention/Customer Experience

Without being able to include e-mails, file notes, phone conversations or other free-text sources, how does a business truly understand the client experience or sentiment? With Frisk you can quickly conduct sentiment analysis and monitor on an ongoing basis. Combined with analytics, trends can be derived generating further business intelligence to drive positive outcomes.

Identifying Revenue Opportunities

Without connecting data, there is no way to have a complete client picture or identify new revenue opportunities. Significant revenue uplift can be missed through not identifying upsell, new product or new market opportunities. Our software helps to uncover opportunities for business growth quickly and easily.

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Phone: 1300 43 33 11
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180 Flinders St ADELAIDE SA 5000
PO Box 879, UNLEY BC SA 5061

p: 1300 43 33 11
e: mail@frisk.com.au


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