Frisk was founded with the purpose of helping businesses harness structured and unstructured data from disparate sources and systems to create actionable insights that drive business benefit.

About us

Frisk is an innovative, niche information technology company providing efficient and effective tailored electronic document, search and retrieval solutions focused on rapid deployment and activation at a low cost.

Frisk indexes and makes searchable data from any network share or NAS, email repository and content management database in real time, turning document/content data into valuable insights no matter what business you’re in.

It’s what we call operational intelligence.

Frisk’s technology, and its capability to “pre-process” structured and unstructured data into an agreed format, is changing the data analytics landscape and enables revolutionary uses of business intelligence in areas such as CRM and compliance surveillance.

Put simply, Frisk not only enables a user to locate any document in a split second, but empowers them to improve compliance, enhance business intelligence and increase revenue no matter the size of the company or industry they are in.

Our leadership team


  • Cliff Garrels

    Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

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  • Steve Farrimond

    Director of Technology

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Executive Directors

  • John Suter

    Executive Director of Strategy

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  • Graham Burnard

    Executive Director of Sales

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  • Stephanie Vickers

    Executive Director of Consulting

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  • Simon Betchley

    Executive Director Marketing

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Senior Managers

  • Sana Zainab

    Production Support Manager

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  • Nick Paterakis

    Test & Release Manager

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We’re a rapidly growing company, with endless opportunities for talented and experienced individuals wanting to make a positive difference for their clients. If you’d like to join our journey, get in contact. We’d love to chat!