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“Frisk makes us more productive”
–George Liolio

You know the guy that bought Gillette because he liked the product so much? Well, our story is a bit like that. At Viatek, we used Frisk internally and liked it so much that we negotiated to become distribution partners. Now, we distribute for Frisk in Victoria, NSW and Queensland.

We have 8 branches and 18 satellite offices across regional Victoria and NSW with over 300 staff. At our Viatek NSW branch we have over 600,000 files on record so as you can imagine, remembering where to look can become a bit of an issue.

Frisk searches across a broad spectrum of file types as well as emails. We like its simplicity, its speed and its accuracy in terms of search results. And we’re also impressed with its mobility — we can search using our tablets and Smartphones. Frisk makes us more productive.

George Liolio

Sales & Marketing Manager, Viatek

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