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Business efficiency and productivity were heavily impacted due to siloed and legacy data sets. Decision- making capabilities were heavily impaired and alternative consolidation or data-lake strategies were deemed too costly, requiring heavy resource consumption and had many hurdles.Frisk was deployed in an iterative, scalable method avoiding unnecessary business disruption, costs and loss in productivity. Access to global search capabilities and business insights were provided quicker, seamlessly and with definable ongoing benefits.
  • Sub-second search across hundreds of millions of documents and records.
  • Significant reduction in investigation times
  • Annualised efficiencies calculated at $4m, increasing to $11m


Frisk was engaged by a government organisation with the objective of significantly improving productivity and efficiency for one of its national departments. At the core of this project was a need to assist users in their investigative work which required significant amounts of data mining and analysis across structured and unstructured data sources.

Prior to the commencement of this project, our clients key pain points included:

  • Searches were incredibly slow to almost impossible
  • Staff were unable to search unstructured data – even within a specific investigation
  • Staff were unable to refine searches
  • Manually intensive analysis made it difficult to identify systemic issues and linked risks
  • Difficulty in assessing the downstream impacts of their successful investigation identification ‘profiles’
  • Difficulty in justifying early closure of an investigation based on final outcomes of previous investigations with similar circumstances – i.e. how best to utilise the team’s capacity to get the best results


Frisks solution initially provided search capability to front line compliance staff (6,700 users) over the 135 million case notes, documents and attachments that were previously hidden within Siebel Case. At the time, the inability to search and retrieve insights was the number one staff irritant. Our solution delivers annualised efficiency savings, in terms of time saved to complete cases of $4 million per annum.

Key ObjectiveFormer StateCurrent State
Increase search and retrieval efficiency‘Typical search for a document took up to 20 mins or relied upon specialist analysts to retrieve documents which could take days.’Typical search within Frisk will be sub second:
  • Provide a more complete and meaningful set of search results
  • Increase search reach capability exponentially
  • Quicker to locate and open a document
  • Replace the manual query, analysis and manipulation of data.
Decrease NFA rate and
recognise NFA earlier.
(NFA – No Further Action)
‘High percentage of cases resulted in NFA after lengthy case review periods.’Benefits measurements indicate significant improvement on NFA assessment driven by:
  • Sub-second search across hundreds of millions of documents and records. Analytics incorporates a richer data set than currently available by referencing unstructured and structured data
  • Risk managers can refine risk criteria more effectively due to the insight provided
  • Replace the manual analysis of trends and correlations in risk characteristics
  • Apply insight to current cases to identify likely NFA outcomes earlier
Increased effectiveness
–Financial outcome and
‘A high percentage of positive financial outcomes were generated by low percentage of case managers.’Benefits measurements indicate significant improvement on positive financial outcomes across case managers driven by:
  • Understanding the best practice for managing a similar case to maximise financial outcome
  • Improving productivity by easily learning from previous similar cases.

In parallel to this initial work, Frisk continued to work directly with the organisation in a more agile way to build an enterprise indexing and search capability for a new Hadoop-based Enterprise Data Hub.

The Next Stage

Following on from our successful integration, Frisk is now progressing with further product implementation, including the extension of search capability to the whole organisation (15,000 users), making all information available (increasing to over 200 million case notes, documents and attachments) and delivering annualised efficiencies and savings to $11 million per annum.

Within this organisation, Frisk will enable a broad enterprise capability to index and search across all data sets of corporate value and aggregate views across these disparate data sets to deliver insight to users that will further drive reduced operating costs.

For our client, the implementation of Frisk saw a fundamental shift in the operational paradigm from one of complexity and inefficiency caused by overwhelming amounts of data to one of effectiveness.


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