Healthcare Productivity & Accessibility

Whilst heavily integrated
within a business some
systems are unable to provide complete search capabilities across the data they hold, let alone link it to external data. This can significantly impact user’s productivity and effectiveness.
Frisk enables businesses to
access all content within a
system and connect this to
other datasets providing an enriched view of data.
  • Significantly improve speed to access data.
  • Enable more advanced querying to power and non-power users.
  • Information driven decision-making.
  • Greater overall business efficiency.


A healthcare organisation utilising Seibel struggled to search and collate critical information in a timely manner. Staff were finding it difficult to aggregate data relevant to a particular case they were working on. In addition, over 130 million documents were held in a separate document repository and there was a need to make this information easier to search and access.


The deployment of Frisk improves the efficiency and effectiveness of an organisation by providing users with advanced search capabilities allowing them to search across all the unstructured data, using structured data fields (e.g. patient number) and analytical insights to refine the search intuitively. Sub-second response means that the user experience is vastly improved.

Utilising Frisk means staff can:

  • Find what they need instantly (sub second search results).
  • Search unstructured and structured data – Siebel does not provide the capability to search unstructured attachments and note fields.
  • Have more flexibility – Siebel-inbuilt search capability is limited to certain structured data fields, via ‘exact match only’ which is limiting to users who do not know exactly what they need to search.
  • Have quicker query handling as Siebel requires multiple actions by the user to filter and sort, scroll to find the right activity, and then open and review notes and attachments one by one to find the information they need. For frontline staff, this often occurs while they’re on the phone which is inconvenient for the client and a very unproductive process.
  • Identify precedents from cases with similar characteristics to help inform and improve decision making around case management strategy.

Improvements to organisational operations include a significant reduction in time spent searching for required information and similar in the decision-making process. With quicker data identification and linking, more informed business decisions are being made across the organisation resulting in further cost savings and improved customer experience.

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