Financial Services Ongoing Service Agreement Review


An Australian banks’ compliance department is looking for methods to streamline the current manual review of Ongoing Service Agreements (OSA) and validate the delivery of required services at an individual client level across hundreds of advisers nation-wide.

Current manual file reviews take over an hour per client (with over 50% of that time being spent simply locating the appropriate documents). In addition, significant time is wasted searching for documents which are never located or reviewing clients who end up being within their OSA period, requiring them to be re-reviewed in future months.


  • Make all attachments and notes searchable (content and filenames/metadata), including XPlan fields. Filter to a client.
  • Classify OSA (filter to classified document), create report for clients with no OSA detected.
  • Classify SOA, ROA, ATP, Review Report, File Note. Identify OSA (review) commitment, presence of a client signature, SOA effective date, ROA/File Note and it’s effective date. Report results per client.
  • Produce report of results to identify priorities for a manual review.


  • Reduce time taken to identify the presence of a signed OSA by at least 50%.
  • Reduce time taken to conduct evidence check by 50% to 75%.
  • Implement proactive system capabilities able to identify anomalies at time of creation, rather than at post-implementation.


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180 Flinders St ADELAIDE SA 5000
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