Financial Services Advice Review Process


An Australian bank is looking for methods to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of current advice audit processes. In particular:

  • Validate fees present on annual Fee Disclosure Statements (FDS),
  • Validate Wholesale Declarations provided to clients, and
  • Where an Ongoing Service Fee has been charged, validate that the service was provided during the stipulated period.


  • OCR and index data and documents within XPlan making all attachments and notes searchable.
  • Identify and classify Fee Disclosure Statements and Wholesale Client Declaration forms
  • Identify the fee listed in the FDS to be cross referenced with source data.
  • Detect content in ‘signature’ box.
  • Detect and assess date on signed document.
  • Implement analytics (NLP) to identify SoAs, RoAs and the date of issue.


  • Efficiently move from sampling to 100% coverage.
  • Executive confidence that compliance processes have been followed.
  • Easily verify delivery of ongoing advice to substantiate fees.


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180 Flinders St ADELAIDE SA 5000
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