A simple and effective solution to enhance business performance and improve operational efficiencies.

Frisk can be flexibly configured to crawl and index multiple data sources and a wide variety of files containing both structured and unstructured data at high speed by using OCR and index-on-the-fly capabilities. Fast search, filtering and retrieval speeds enable documents to be retrieved in under a second.

The system is also smart and flexible in that it converts non-text searchable files to text-searchable on the fly and passes data in a singular format to multiple analytics engines enabling greater insights at lower cost.


It has never been more important to demand the highest levels of efficiency from all areas of your organisation. Thus, searching for the right information in a timely manner is imperative to your businesses productivity.

But let’s face it, employees are both expensive and ineffective search engines. That’s where Frisk comes in.

Frisk’s indexing and simple search capabilities significantly reduce the time taken to search and find documents with it’s sub-second search results.

The filtering options also allow a user to refine their search on-the-fly to narrow their focus at a rapid pace.


Solution flexibility is a valuable attribute. The ability to flexibly work with a variety of IT environments and offer several configuration options means that Frisk can be tailored to best suit the organisational need and corporate culture.

Instead of demanding that the organisation reinvent itself around the solution’s capabilities and requirements, solution flexibility means that Frisk can ‘slot in’ as needed to best deliver value without undue disruption.

Getting started with Frisk is simple for SME’s

Pre Deployment

Simple preparation steps following the guide.


Less than 4 hours including remote Frisk support.

Rapid Access

User Interface enabled for search after initial 1,000 files are indexed, indexing continues at ~50,000 per hour.

Frisk is designed for SME’s

Frisk puts the right information at your fingertips, see how it works:

Kind words from our clients

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George Liolio

Sales & Marketing Manager, Viatek

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in boxes ‘up in the attic’, brushing 
aside spiders and mice whilst... Read more.

Mark Powers

IT Manager, Northpoint Toyota

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Ian Melton

Group IT Manager, Andrews & Wallis Group

SME case study

One of our first clients was (and is) a quality, wholesale meat supplier to hotels, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, clubs and butchers. Located in Adelaide, they provide quality product and service to its clients throughout South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Back in late 2011, our client implemented Frisk as part of an improved process for digitising and filing proof of deliveries (POD’s) along with other administrative paperwork such as supplier invoices etc…

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