Northpoint Toyota

“It Improves Security and Efficiency – We Love It”
–Mark Powers

From physical documents stored in boxes ‘up in the attic’, brushing aside spiders and mice whilst searching to an online solution. Frisk’s network search system finds all our documents — everything from financial records, accounts payable and receivable, to job cards, parts, car servicing, to staff records.

We’ve been using Frisk for 2 years now. It saves us time, money, hassle and all those headaches of “Where is that document? It’s not in the right box!”

Of course, backup support is very important, too. When we moved servers, we had a couple of problems, but Tony, Steve and the team were excellent — they didn’t give up till they had them solved.

We’ve recently commenced using Frisk for searching emails.

Frisk improves security and also improves the efficiency of staff — so we love it. Frisk were recommended to us as the best and we recommend them highly.

Mark Powers

IT Manager, Northpoint Toyota

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