Large corporates

Increase your compliance capabilities and expose valuable business insights.

Large corporate business is under increasing regulatory and community pressure to demonstrate appropriate customer-oriented ‘best-interests’ behaviours, and breaches are increasingly being punished with impacts to the bottom line and to reputation.

Business analysts also believe it is crucial for corporate business to have access to the right tools to cut through the noise in large data sets to identify valuable and actionable business insights quickly and often.

Frisks solution for large corporates not only allows for sub-second searches across hundreds of millions of documents but can also federate data from multiple sites to provide a global view across distributed and remote operations.

From a compliance perspective, specific searches can be created, saved and deployed to run as a 24 hour surveillance program.

This system functionality enhances the analytics capability by allowing inferred meanings and incorporation of analytics-derived metadata, enabling previous analytics results to be seamlessly integrated into enhanced searches, and permitting unstructured data to be used to enhance analytics outcomes.

Frisk is easy to operate as it has a modern and flexible user interface and honours existing network permissions.

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Compliance & Audit:

The legal and regulatory burdens imposed on organisations continue to increase at a rapid pace.

The challenge for directors and senior management is to meet key regulatory obligations whilst maintaining a focus in taking advantage of business opportunities.

Frisk’s reach and pro-active search capabilities provide businesses with opportunity to interrogate vast arrays of data to seek out potential compliance breaches and act on them effectively.

Combined with analytics, trends can be derived generating further business intelligence to drive positive outcomes.

Reputational risk

Reputational risk can lead to negative publicity, loss of revenue, litigation, loss of clients and partners, share price decline, exit of key employees and difficulty in recruiting talent.

Frisk’s pro-active search and audit tracking capabilities allow you to keep a constant eye look-out for potential threats and significantly enhance internal fraud capabilities.

Getting started with Frisk is simple for large corporates

Frisk’s partnership engagement philosophy delivers simple solutions with rapid deployment and a fast win/fail fast approach across proof of concept and prototype before moving to production ensuring client value is maximised. Clients can tap into the hidden assets locked away in their data and documents, both structured and unstructured. Gaining insight from these assets enables clients to manage risk and activate effective change across their business.

Proof of concept (POC)

Client consultation to identify priority issues, most impactful areas of first deployment and develop the joint business case.


Initial release with either a limited user group, limited functionality or both to prove our business case.


Deployment of final solution and realise benefits.

Frisk puts the right information at your fingertips

See how Frisk works for Large Corporates:

Large corporate case study

Since the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-2008, compliance has had to become one of the main focal points for every small, medium and large financial services business in Australia. Our government and regulators expect much higher standards of quality advice, disclosure documentation and record keeping than ever before, costing businesses greatly in resources and finances.

In its early conception, Frisk identified its ability to provide a simple platform to ease a number of these compliance concerns and has continued to develop it’s solution over the past seven years. From a stand-alone financial planning firm to a major banking organisation with over a thousand advisers, Frisk is demonstrating value at exceptional pace.

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