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“We’re now planning to extend Frisk across the organisations entire network”
–Shaun Coulls

Guide Dogs SA implemented Frisk in Dec 2014 on trial and licensed it in May 2015.

Guide Dogs SA/NT has a long and exemplary history in training and placing Guide Dogs and supporting people with a vision or hearing impairment in South Australia.

For more than 60 years, Guide Dogs SA/NT has enhanced quality of life through a culture of innovation, incredible dogs and qualified trainers.

After being referred by another charitable organisation, Guide Dogs SA/NT implemented Frisk as a solution for enabling effective search of our policies and procedures across the organisation.

Frisk has delivered a simple, yet powerful solution that enables our team to quickly locate relevant policy and procedure documents associated with the many facets of the organisation.

We are now planning to extend Frisk to index data across the organisations entire network to deliver even further benefits to our team.

Shaun Coulls

ICT & Facilities Manager, Guide Dogs SA/NT

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