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Increase your compliance capabilities and expose valuable business insights.

The taxation agenda and tax evasion in particular has received increasing attention as countries look to enforce their ‘fair share’ of the tax take and sovereign institutions come under increasing Governmental and community pressure to demonstrate that they are both efficient and effective in raising taxation revenues.

Frisks solution for government agencies can transform their investigative and forensic search functions to deliver unprecedented reach, speed and insight capabilities than ever before.

Frisk achieves this by allowing multiple sources of structured and unstructured data to be ‘pre-processed’ into a single format and overlays our innovative dynamic filtering functionality to reduce the users’ requirements to know much about the contents of the data prior to indexing.

Coupled with a flexible API that is agnostic to analytics tools, Frisk provides endless possibilities for our clients to drive business intelligence outcomes from their data.

With its simplistic user interface that honours existing network permissions, Frisk brings the power and complexity of analytics to the user in an intuitive user experience that rapidly activates change.

Forensic Search & Due Diligence:

The due diligence process is all about mitigating investment risks. Discovery devices narrow the issues of a lawsuit. Once a risk is uncovered, Frisks forensic search capabilities is about ensuring you are fully informed and ready for a legal defense.


“Knowledge is power” has never been more apt in a business sense. Understanding your own organisation is a foundation for strategy and decision making. Transparency across the organisation is the expectation from clients, alliances and regulators.

Distributed and siloed operations can provide a significant challenge to getting enterprise-wide insight. The lack of effective understanding hampers customer service at its most basic level, as well as effective marketing and business strategy.

What opportunities are being missed because you don’t have good insight?

Getting Started with Frisk is Simple

Frisk’s partnership engagement philosophy delivers simple solutions with rapid deployment and a fast win/fail fast approach across proof of concept and prototype before moving to production ensuring client value is maximised. Clients can tap into the hidden assets locked away in their data and documents, both structured and unstructured. Gaining insight from these assets enables clients to manage risk and activate effective change across their business.

Proof of concept (POC)

Client consultation to identify priority issues, most impactful areas of first deployment and develop the joint business case.


Initial release with either a limited user group, limited functionality or both to prove our business case.


Deployment of final solution and realise benefits.

Frisk puts the right information at your fingertips

See how Frisk works for government agencies:

Federal government agency case study

Federal government agency case study

In 2015 Frisk commenced engagement with an Australian Federal Government agency with the objective of significantly improving productivity and efficiency for one of its national functions of over 6,500 staff.

At the core of this project was a need to assist users in their investigative work which required significant amounts of data mining and analysis across structured and unstructured data…

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