Using Frisk Retrieval to create office space and expand your workforce.

I have been working closely with a client in Adelaide who has embarked on an ambitious program to electronically store over 4500 clients files. Clearing their compactus of paper and creating office space for additional staff. The process wasn’t without a few technical hitches to begin with but once scanning issues were resolved it has been a very solid exercise. To date there has been 3,872 files scanned and the job will be completed within the allocated 6 month period. All files reside on their network in text searchable PDF format and are easily found via Frisk. The client will not only gain much needed office space catering for the expansion of their team, they will also gain the many productivity benefits associated with network searching via Frisk. More to come soon as the project is finalised….


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180 Flinders St ADELAIDE SA 5000
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180 Flinders St ADELAIDE SA 5000
PO Box 879, UNLEY BC SA 5061

p: 1300 43 33 11


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