Reach. Everything.

Accessing all of your disparate and siloed data. File shares, databases, email & CRMs. No piece of data or document is left unturned. Frisk reaches everything.

Frisk can reach all these data sources & more…

File Shares







File Shares






Multiple Locations

Frisk can aggregate data and documents from multiple locations (physical and cloud-based), giving users global access to their data, regardless of where it’s located.

On & Off Premise

Search data held on premise in a network or off premise via hosted networks.

In the cloud

Include files hosted on the cloud in the search.

Configured to your needs


Locally installed appliance.


Hosted by Frisk.

Index. Every word in every document.

Making your data and documents instantly visible and searchable.

  • Word

  • Excel

  • Powerpoint

  • E-mail

  • Open Office

  • PDF

  • Dropbox

  • Images

  • Text Files

Search previously unreadable text contained in images.

OCR Technology allows you to convert image and non-text readable PDFs (whilst still retaining the original unaltered file) on the fly.

Structured & Unstructured Data


Structured data refers to that which is highly organised such as in a database or CRM where content is grouped, named and ordered. Because of this, structured data is readily and easily searchable.


Unstructured data is essentially the opposite. Word documents and emails are common examples of unstructured data. The lack of structure makes searching and interpretation an extremely time and energy-consuming task.

The problem with unstructured data is there are no simple ways to search it intuitively or to gain meaning without a
huge amount of manual effort which can be both expensive and inaccurate. Compounding this is the sheer volume of
unstructured data we find in every business we meet. This creates a significant gap in the data searching capabilities
of any organisation, often resulting in missed insights. Insights which could be game changing.

Bespoke Data Sources

Frisk is capable of incorporating third party sourced data into the search and analytical array to enable correlations between all existing and third party data sets to be identified (a significant step for the forensic and insight capabilities).

Search. Infinitely.

Ask any question of your data and documents.

Simple User Interface

A simple ‘Google-like’ search and results screen
with drop-down filtering options allow you to
derive and refine results within seconds.

Simple User Interface

A simple ‘Google-like’ search and results screen
with drop-down filtering options allow you to
derive and refine results within seconds.

Simple User Interface

A simple ‘Google-like’ search and results screen
with drop-down filtering options allow you to
derive and refine results within seconds.

Frisk honours your existing network permissions & security settings.

Simple & Advanced

Allows basic searches using keywords or more complex Boolean search terms.

Bulk Search

Enables millions of queries to be built from a reference source or sources such as spreadsheets or databases and then run automatically against the index to produce results for a more detailed analysis.

Saved Search

Simple or advanced searches can be created, saved and scheduled to run and report at any frequency. This provides monitoring and alert capabilities across your entire data and document set.

Flexible UI

Allows your business to pre-define search, filter and sort options plus result views and audit logging for each specific data set. This significantly improves the user experience across multiple data sets through the one flexible UI.

Search hundred of millions of  documents in a fraction of a second.

Insights. Derive Value.

Derive meaningful and valuable insights from your data and documents.

Flexible API

Flexible API that is agnostic to analytics tools.


Multiple sources of structured and unstructured data can be ‘pre-processed’ into a agreed format which can be passed to multiple analytics engines.


Processing unstructured data enhances analytics outcomes resulting in analytics-derived metadata delivering enhanced search, sort and filter options.

Advanced Export

Advanced export of search result functionality for further analysis and reporting capabilities.

Audit logging

Best-of-breed audit logging produces real-time audit logs of system usage across all users of the system. This serves as a valuable management tool and internal fraud prevention solution.

Flexible UI

Rather than ‘hard coding’ specific filter types up front, filters will be intuitively determined based on the data being indexed.

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